Tech Talk: Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Tablet. THANK YOU GOD!!!

I’m not one to get overly excited about new technology. Actually, that is an ice cold lie. Of course I get overly excited about new technology!!! But what isn’t a lie is that I rarely get that excited that I run out and purchase new technology. This Dell tablet happens to be one of those very rare examples. The fact that I am typing this post on the tablet is proof positive :)

Dell and Intel looked good soldiers in a room for months to create something truly unique, a new flagship for Dell and a showcase for Intel technology. Never mind the fact that I am an employee of Intel, because this machine is a badass. Thinner, lighter and faster than anything that has come before it. RealSense camera technology and solid construction and finish. You can read the hundreds of colorful and professionally written reviews and posts that are out there in cyberspace, so I wont belabor the details. I will say that from one reluctant to purchase a $400 tablet consumer to another, you can’t get a better tablet for your money. And it is worth every penny.


The Best Au Gratin Potato dish


The best potato and pork chop dish on Earth!!!!

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So tonight I had an insatiable taste for potatoes. So I decided to experiment with my own little receipe. I have to admit..I put my foot and arm in this one. This is so delicious.


Then to top it off, I made Pork Chops with onions and gravy and green beans.
Sorry forgot to take a pre-eaten photo. Lol


I will update later tonight with the receipe.

xoxo – Mo Joseph

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Home Facial Remedies to Help Your Skin Glow | The Winter Cure

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Home facial remedies- UrbanMommy Inc

This is the time of year that we all start thinking about the summer months and preparing our bodies. We know that winter comes and goes and every woman is assured of having skin that doesn’t have any sunburns but then we are also missing essential Vitamin D  that comes from soaking up those sunray’s. The effect however of winter  for most of  us usually equals dry skin, paleness and peeling which equals unappealing in most of our books.  So before you invest hundreds of dollars in expensive spa treatments, try out these little home glowing remedies that bring out that natural beauty in glow in all of us.

To begin, I recommend trying these natural remedies  1 week and see the natural difference they can make.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used for a number of remedies like teeth whitening,  hair food and also as a facial skincare…

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Celebrate Black History Month w/ Us!

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Join Urban Mommy Inc and o
Concordia University Art & Culture Program for an exciting Celebration of Black History

We will feature some of Portland’s Most Talented African American Youth.

Guest Performances:
Nia Kennedy McQuarters – Violin
Alfred “AJ” McQuarters – Cello
Taegan Kelsey Bey – Original Composition
Jaxton Jones – Song
And…Dr. Cynthia Harris – Storyteller

Always Free and Open to the Public

Date: Feb 21, 2015
Time: 12PM- 1PM
Location: George R. White Library – Jody Thurston NW Center for Children’s Literature 2800 NE Liberty St. Portland, OR 97211

Event Co-Sponsor – Concordia University Libraries’ Art & Culture Program

Urban Mommy Inc. contact: Concordia contact:

xoxo – Mo Joseph

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Reflection: Selma

I have walked across this bridge. I have walked the streets of Birmingham. I spent an hour standing at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis. In all of these places I felt the energy and power of history bathed in racism, inhumanity, priveledge and fear. All of the emotions I felt in all three places were reproduced and magnified in watching the film “Selma” tonight.

This film humanized Dr. King in a world that reduced him to a dream. It brought attention to the masterful strategy, analysis and focus that went into planning & executing the monumental effort of introducing and passing legislation, just months into a new presidency, and in a racially divided United States. We all have much to be thankful for and mindful of, in those who walked the streets of Birmingham, crossed a bridge in Selma and picked up trash at the Lorraine Hotel and across Memphis some 50yrs+ ago.

#MarchOn and go see and support this film Selma 

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